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Wealth Management

Our approach

Obtaining first-rate investment advice is an essential part of wealth management. However, it is just one piece in the jigsaw. Managing finances, optimising tax, planning for retirement or putting in place an appropriate tax-efficient succession structure may also be required.

Because all these aspects of wealth management are interconnected, the specialists at BZ Wealth Management will devise a comprehensive and rigorous management strategy that will be able to meet the various financial requirements at each stage of life:

  • Putting assets to work in order to achieve future objectives;
  • Preserving assets to safeguard financial well-being;
  • Creating a source of revenue in order to maintain the desired lifestyle;
  • Creating assets with a view to securing a lasting inheritance;

At BZ Wealth Management we take a holistic approach to wealth management, the main aim being to help you achieve your goals in life. You can then have the assurance that you are taking sound financial decisions, that you are free to live your life as you intend, and that you have a clear roadmap of your financial future.

Customised advice and services

The investment advisor is your first point of contact with BZ Wealth Management. Our advisors take the necessary time to fully understand your financial situation, your objectives in life and your risk tolerance, thereby allowing them to draw up your personal strategy.

An approach that is geared to your financial reality

BZ Wealth Management believes that a client’s success is intrinsically linked to how clear that client’s ideas are and how well their investor profile has been understood. BZ Wealth Management’s goal is therefore to assist you as the client in creating a strategy for the long term that is appropriate to your situation.

Advice at every key moment in your life

Just as the markets constantly change, so too can your personal situation and that of your assets over time. Those elements that determine investment success can also fluctuate. Your wealth management strategy therefore needs to be both flexible and adaptable.